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July 2012

The newest album from Jack Waldheim & the Criminal Hearts is Here!!!  The long wait is over and it was worth it for sure. 

Jack Waldheim and the Criminal Hearts, have been busy, locked in a dark basement, making noises and grotesquely honest music. They now are proud to bring to you, and album that rocks and sways from the dark and brooding opening 'The Revolution,' through the Motownesque swag of 'Bombardier' and the funky swinging blues of 'A Werewolf in Love' and into the heartfelt halcyonic journey of the second disc, all with unique flavor and clarity, right through the end of the album, 'Baby, You're my Train' this album says so much, it a good way.
Featuring Pete Adams, Benny 'Fingers' Kohn, and Jack's longtime band-mate Chris Mattoon. This long awaited album will hopefully surpasses all expectations, and is a 2 1/2 hour thrill ride!


New Album! Recorded live in the studio with an amazing all-star band.

This is the sort of album that you want to put on the player on a hot summer night and sit on the front porch, drink in hand, and a wandering mind or to dance to, in the arms of your favorite lover. Coming up Poetic and original, it is as much the moist and red curtained window to the mind as it is an indepentant film of a life Exploding with edge and heart.

"On Second Thought..." was recorded in three days, live in the studio with an all-star band featuring Pete Adams, Jody Lampro, Bobby Sweet, Rick Leab and fellow Crazy Jane Records artist, Tonia O'Brien.

Here it is... be careful with it...


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Recoded Live in Somerville & Becket - Summer 2011


1.   The Moon Etc.
2.   Sangria Sunrise
3.   Fistful of Stars
4.   “Zombie Lessons”
5.   This Just In...
6.   “Beautiful Scenery”
7.   On Second Thought
8.   Going Out West (T. Waits)
9.   Shady Grove (trad./Waldheim)
10. By the Flickering Lights
11. Maddie Rose
12. Telemarket Sandy
13. Remember the Cannon
14. This Just In...

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